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In conjunction with its 25th anniversary, the classic love story of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater that was set aboard the sinking RMS Titanic ship in 1912 will make a return to the silver screens.

The story revolves around a beautiful bond between a father and his daughter. The challenges faced by the father in securing justice for his daughter and to be able to overcome an agonizingly painful moment in their lives forms the core of the story.The film also depicts the challenges one faces when the powers that protect the people are the ones who take the side of the powerful in society which leads to losing complete faith in the Justice system among the people.

A youngster decides to gain control of gangs in his area. Can he complete his dream of ruling over the place?

Sathya (RJ Balaji), a young man who is engaged to a beautiful girl full of dreams for the future. This event sets his life on fire. Sathya has to constantly run from it and seize the eye of the problem or else the danger will engulf him to the point his life will be ruined.

Hafiz, a Malaysian Coast Guard officer is celebrating his engagement at a beach resort when a group of terrorist raid the reception & kidnap his fiancee & her family along with some of the guests, killing the rest. Injured, Hafiz managed to escape & immediately set up a search/rescue mission.

As we enjoy our daily lives, there are many unsung heroes who serve as our bullet proof vests to safeguard our lives. This film tells the story about the dedication of the heroes from the Civil Defence (APM), St John Ambulance (SJAM), Lions Clubs as well as Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department (PBS), putting their lives on the line to save others. Sometimes people forget that they have families, too. They often sacrifice much of their time away from their own families, whilst their families await anxiously for their safe return. During this Chinese New Year, will the heroes return home safely?

A comedy about a group of musician performing in Thailand & one of the musician is possessed by a Thai female ghost thats seeking to find her long lost lover.

Dinda is an introverted student who is terrorized by a female ghost in a red dress. However, Dinda's concern for her sister and friends makes Dinda never give up on solving the mystery she faces, even though her life is threatened.

A tale of a young man and the journey of love in his life to understand the meaning of eternal love and its prupose. An emotional roller coaster presented with a touch of fantasy !

Bahri, a young ustadz who used to live in Mekarsari Village, tries to bury his past by working in the city. One day, Bahri's friend, Hasan, comes from the village to ask for help. Mekarsari Village suffers from a supernatural disorder, which is believed to be caused by Ratna, an old friend of Bahri.

In 2009, 28 year old Li Zi Wei and 17 year old Huang Yu Xuan met each other. Two innocent and unaffected lives that could each feel marks like ones of their past and present lives. However, they could not find sufficient proof to fill up the emptiness at the bottom of their hearts. An accident let them fall into another mobius loop that had already happened countless times. Only then did they realize that in different time and space, they once had a deep, true love that had passed through countless timelines to search for each other with no regrets.

Somewhere in the dystopian Middle East, grand houses that once housed the wealthy are now homes of the city's most-dangerous criminals. An undercover cop, his ex-con, and others will take down the drug lord who killed his own father.

Somewhere in the dystopian Middle East, grand houses that once housed the wealthy are now homes of the city's most-dangerous criminals. An undercover cop, his ex-con, and others will take down the drug lord who killed his own father.

This is a story about an over-protective single mother Mei Ling, unexpectedly discovers her daughter Qiqi’s secret plan to escape her overbearing clutches by leaving Malaysia after completed high school and study in France. Shocked by the news Mei Ling sets about with plans to sabotage her daughter’s dreams. After several vain attempts, Mei Ling decided that “if you can’t beat me you join me” , so she learns French and tags along… Will Qiqi make it all the way to France?

Mao Shan (Jack Neo) is an ambitious durian farmer who wishes to expand his sales overseas against pressures from the "Three Heavenly Kings" of the business. He helps Mei Lian (Yeo Yann Yann), his neighbour and sole supporter, to improve her durian farm harvests, and develops feelings for her in the process. However, Mei Lian's long-separated husband, Jin Shui (Mark Lee), returns, complicating things. Jin Shui tries to influence Mei Lian's children against Mao Shan, as Mao Shan fights to save both their businesses and win Mei Lian's heart.

Humans built huge engines on the surface of the earth to find a new home. But the road to the universe is perilous. In order to save earth, young people once again have to step forward to start a race against time for life and death.

An unjust case of an international supermodel suspected of abusing her daughter has become a wrestling field among the legal profession, the rich and famous! How does the group at the top of the social pyramid use up their power and resources to protect themselves? How can the big judges achieve justice under many difficulties?

It follows three mummies as they end up in present-day London and embark on a journey in search of an old ring belonging to the Royal Family, stolen by the ambitious archaeologist Lord Carnaby.

SAKRA, a movie blockbuster adaptation of legendary Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils from best-selling wuxia novel by Jin Yong. In the early years of Song Dynasty, the Khitan invaded the Song Dynasty and the two became mortal enemies. Qiao Feng, the leader of the Gai (Beggar’s Sect), a gang whose members are all alleged to be Song people, was found to be a Khitan. He was accused of killing the gang deputy leader in order to cover up the scandal, causing rages from the community. Kung Fu masters gathered at the Ju Xian Village to oppose this rival. Qiao fell in love with Zhu, a girl who was seriously injured. Directed by & starring martial arts superstar Donnie Yen.

A mysterious mastermind and his team forms a plan and commits bank heists across Chennai, but their motive of the heists remains mysterious.

Vijay Rajendran is a happy to-go lucky man. Things change when his foster father dies unexpectedly.

Puss in Boots discovers that his passion for adventure has taken its toll: he has burned through eight of his nine lives. Puss sets out on an epic journey to find the mythical Last Wish and restore his nine lives.

Jake Sully lives with his newfound family formed on the planet of Pandora. Once a familiar threat returns to finish what was previously started, Jake must work with Neytiri and the army of the Na'vi race to protect their planet.

After a mysterious spaceship crash landed on Earth, a boy named Amato came across a powerful robot named MechaBot. By outsmarting MechaBot and becoming its master, Amato can now utilize MechaBot’s unique ability to Mechanize everyday objects into high-tech devices. Unknown to him, MechaBot is being hunted by a cybernetic alien called Grakakus who will do whatever it takes to acquire MechaBot for his own evil plans.