Cheah Liek Hou is a prodigious badminton player who has attained an undefeated record through his exceptional skills. However, during the peak of his career, he discovers that he is afflicted with brachial plexus paralysis. Undeterred by this setback, Liek Hou joins the ranks of disabled badminton players and, with the spirit of an athlete, emerges victorious in the world championship. But, tragically, he loses his father, who had been a steadfast pillar of support throughout his life. Faced with this monumental loss, Liek Hou is forced to confront the challenges of life head-on. When the Paralympic Games announce the inclusion of badminton as a sport, Liek Hao rises to the occasion, aided by the legendary badminton player Rashid Sidek, who serves as his coach.

Fabian Loo, Farid Kamil, Jack Tan
126 Minutes

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