Divya, a 23-year-old happy-go-lucky college student, lives a joyful life with her collegemates and boyfriend, Prem, an orphan who loves Divya unconditionally. Divya was brought up by her father, Thambiraja, a well-known businessman, with the support of his two best friends, Dr.Rahim and Saamy. Being a motherless child for almost 20 years, Divya gets all the love and luxury from her father. Life takes a drastic turn for Divya when she receives a call from Dr.Rahim, who informs her that Thambiraja is not well. She rushes from her college with Prem to meet her father only to know that Thambiraja suffered a heart attack due to severe depression out of loneliness. Dr.Rahim further reveals that Divya has a 'family' back in Kuching and advises her to find and bring them to Thambiraja for Thambiraja to be saved from depression. Now Divya decides to leave for Kuching to look for her family, leaving the ever-carefree and cheerful Prem to take care of the sickly Thambiraja. The jovial Prem takes all the initiative to keep Thambiraja happy. At the same time, Divya goes through an arduous emotional journey back to Kuching to find her family with the help of Deva. Prem, Deva, and Divya stage a big drama without Thambiraja's knowledge to reunite the 'family' with Thambiraja.

Chandine Kaur, Pushpa Narayan, Yuvaraj Krishnasamy
138 Minutes
Thursday, 22 August 2024

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