Luka, a young man from a squatter settlement, grew up in a state of poverty surrounded by unhealthy elements such as drug addiction, prostitution, and gangsterism. Despite coming from such an environment, Luka still tries to lead a normal life. However, Luka has one distinguishing trait from others: he cannot stand by idly when he witnesses injustice happening before his eyes. At the same time, there is a conflict between Luka and Bono, a troublemaker who often disrupts the peace in the area. A fight ensues between them during their teenage years when Bono and his gang try to extort money from Luka's mother's stall. The fight doesn't favor Luka, but it marks a turning point in his life. He begins to rebel and oppose injustices happening around him.

Ben Amir, Dato' Awie, MK KClique
101 Minutes
Thursday, 02 May 2024

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