Based on a story from the 'KKN Di Desa Penari' universe, about Sri, who is in the midst of economic difficulties accepted to work for the Atmojo family for a high fee, because she is unique: she was born on Friday Kliwon. Together with Erna and Dini, they are taken to a hidden hut in the middle of the forest. In the hut, Sri, Erna and Dini are tasked with washing Dela Atmojo, the granddaughter of Karsa Atmojo, who is unconscious because of Sewu Dino's (A Thousand Days) witchcraft curse. They cannot run from the hut because they are bound by a mystical agreement with Karsa Atmojo, and they must complete the ritual until the 1000th day. If they break it, death awaits them.

Marthino Lio, Mikha Tambayong, Rio Dewanto
121 Minutes

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