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    MBO Starclub is the Loyalty Program practiced at all MBO Cinemas. The Loyalty Program allows earning of Star Points for every Ringgit Malaysia spent at MBO Cinemas. Points collected can be redeemed for free movie ticket(s), snacks & drinks, limited movie merchandise and other exciting items.

    Starclub also offers exclusive member’s privileges.

    • 1.1 Application Fee

      There is no application fee required to sign up to be an ALLSTAR member

    • 1.2 Application

      MBO Starclub application can only be done at www.mbocinemas.com/starclub or Walk-in registration at the cinema outlet


      ALLSTAR members can immediately earn StarPoints with Ringgit spent at MBO website (www.mbocinemas.com) or MBO Cinemas Mobile App*

      *Sign in is mandatory for StarPoints earning.

    • 1.4 ALLSTAR Card

      ALLSTAR card are issued at any MBO Cinemas for free to new members

      Members who registered online is required to collect the ALLSTAR card from any MBO Cinemas


      To join, members must (a) be aged 12 years & over; (b) complete STARCLUB application form with correct and valid information; and (c) agree to receive STARCLUB emails regarding sessions times/movie information /contest/promotions

  • 2. Exclusive Benefits

    • 2.1 Privileges

      a) Earn 10 Star Points for every RM1 spent through online purchase, mobile app purchase or at box office counters

      b) Redemption of StarPoints for free movie tickets, snacks & drinks, limited movie merchandises or other promotional items

      c) Earn 2x points with any purchase on every Wednesday

      d) Birthday Complimentary ticket for 2 persons during Birthday month

      e) Instant Rewards

      f) Dedicated member’s ticket lane

      g) TOP Monthly Spenders reward

    • 2.2 No Monthly or Annual Fee

      There is no monthly or annual fee.

    • 2.3 STARPOINTS

      StarPoints can be earned with any Ringgit spent through online purchase or at box office counters of

      • a) Movie ticket(s)

        b) Concessions item

        c) Merchandise item

      StarPoints can be redeemed through the website or the box office counters for

      • a) Movie ticket(s)

        b) Concessions item

      Merchandise items can only be redeemed through the website or any site specified and verified by MBO Cinemas


      a) ALLSTAR members get to enjoy 2x points with every purchase on Wednesday.

      b) Happy Wednesday Promo is not valid for any Sneak movies & on Public holiday. However, ALLSTAR members are still entitled to earn 2x points on every Wednesday regardless.

      c) Happy Wednesday promotion is valid for Standard 2D, Standard 3D, Premier 2D and Premier 3D only, but excludes Premier Actuator Halls and Premier Auro Halls

      d) Please note that Happy Wednesday promotion is not valid with other promotions or discounts.

      e) Member is required to produce their ALLSTAR card at the Box Office counter, or login via www.mbocinemas.com, MBO Mobile App & bought movie session on Wednesday in order to entitled the 2x points.

    • 2.5 No Guarantee

      The Program Operator does not guarantee or warrant that any or all of the Privileges of the Program will be available at all times. The Program Operator reserves the right to change, modify, limit or cancel any of the Program privileges at any time. This includes increasing or decreasing any requirements for a reward, changing the value of rewards or limiting the availability of rewards. This also includes changing the list of Participating Cinemas.


    ALLSTAR members can earn StarPoints for all movie ticket(s) and concessions transactions at MBO Cinemas. Points earning is based on RM1 spent = 10 points

    Star Points Earning excludes Online Booking Fee and where applicable


      a) ALLSTAR members are required to log in as a member to earn StarPoints when purchasing movie ticket(s) or concessions at www.mbocinemas.com/starclub

      b) ALLSTAR members are required to Sign In as a member to earn StarPoints when purchasing movie ticket(s) or concessions using MBO Cinemas Mobile App (Android and iOS)


      ALLSTAR members are required to have the ALLSTAR card to earn StarPoints when purchasing movie ticket(s) at any MBO Cinema box office ticketing counter.

      ALLSTAR members who cannot produce their ALLSTAR card will not be able to earn StarPoints when purchasing at the MBO Cinema Box Office Ticketing counter


      ALLSTAR members can check their StarPoints balance by visiting www.mbocinemas.com/starclub and log on as a member.

      ALLSTAR members StarPoints balance can be checked by signing in to MBO Mobile App (Android & iOS)

      ALLSTAR members can also check their StarPoints at the any MBO Cinema Box Office Ticketing counter


      StarPoints have a 2 years expiration period. StarPoints earned in a particular year are valid until the end of the second calendar year.

      ALLSTAR members can check their StarPoints expiration details in Starclub dashboard.

      Total points accumulated between Points expires on
      1 Sept 2013 - 31 Dec 2013 31-Dec-15
      1 Jan 2014 - 31 Dec 2014 31-Dec-16
      1 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2015 31-Dec-17

      StarPoints can be redeemed through the Box Office counters for movie tickets, concessions or during selected campaign period

      Points to Redeem Item
      1,000 ALLSTAR Single combo 1x 46oz Popcorn + 1x 16oz Drink (1000 points)
      1,300 ALLSTAR Share combo 1x 64oz Popcorn + 2x 22oz Drink (1300 points)
      1,800 ALLSTAR Family combo 2x 46oz Popcorn + 4x 16oz Drink (1800 points)
      2,000 Adult Standard 2d or 3d Ticket (2000 points)
      2,100 Adult VIP Ticket for (2100 points)
      2,200 Premier Adult/Auro Adult Standard 2d or 3d Ticket (2200 points)
      2,300 Auro Adult VIP 2d or 3d Ticket (2300 points)
      2,600 Actuator Premier 2d or 3d Ticket (2600 points)
      4,300 Couple Seat 2d or 3d Ticket (4300 points)
      4,700 Auro Couple 2d or 3d Ticket (4700 points)
  • 4. Card Process & Migration

    • 4.1. New Card

      ALLSTAR members that have registered at www.mbocinemas.com/starclub, MBO Mobile App or at any MBO Cinemas will be entitled to the ALLSTAR Card

      For online registration, ALLSTARs are required to produce Name, Identity card no. / Passport no, Email address corresponding to their online account to validate their request for the ALLSTAR card.

      For registration at the Cinema outlet, the ALLSTAR card will be issued at registration of a new member

    • 4.2 Card Migration

      Old MBO Card Members cannot migrate directly to the new ALLSTAR club. They will need to reapply by signing up a new account at www.mbocinemas.com/starclub

    • 4.3. Replacement Card

      To obtain a replacement card, please fill a Request Form and complete Replacement Card

    • 4.4. Lost / Damaged Card

      • a) A replacement card fee of RM 2.00 (exc. GST) will be charged.

      • b) If the card is lost and the ALLSTAR member forgot the card number, Member is required to provide:

      • c) Name, contact number, email address and Identity Card No or Passport No.

      • d) Produce valid Identity Card or Passport to validate identity

      • e) Damaged cards are a result of negligence or improper use (ex. carrying the card unprotected in one’s pocket, using the card to scrape a windshield, exposing the card to water, etc.).


      Card can be replaced if the card's magnetic stripe is faulty and there will be no charge to replace a card.

  • 5. Personal Data Update

    • 5.1. Information Update

      To update information such as address, phone number, email address, please log on to the member’s website (www.mbocinemas.com/starclub) and update your profile.

    • 5.2. Change Password

      ALLSTAR member can change their online account password after logging in the member’s page and updating their profile & password page


      ALLSTAR member must log on to the member’s website (www.mbocinemas.com/starclub) and click the ‘Forgot password’ tab at the log in page. The ALLSTAR member will be prompted a temporary password that will be sent to the email addressed registered


    • 6.1 ALLSTAR members are entitled to 2 FREE Birthday Movie Tickets every year. The Free Birthday Movie tickets can be redeemed at the Box Office Ticketing Counter only.

    • 6.2. Birthday ticket is valid and redeemable only during the birthday month

    • 6.3. Birthday tickets are only applicable for free list movie (marked asterisk *)

    • 6.4. Not valid for Premier Class or Couple Seats

    • 6.5. The management reserves the right to change the terms and regulations without prior notice


    • 7.1 If in the Program Operator’s reasonable opinion, a Member is using their Membership in an abusive or fraudulent way, has failed to comply with these Terms and Conditions, has committed an unlawful act or causes wilful damage to the Program Operator’s property, the Program Operator has the right to:

      • a) Immediately terminate their Membership

      • b) Suspend their Membership temporarily until further notice

      • c) Reverse or cancel any Reward Points and or other Privileges that a Member has accrued; and/or

      • d) Refuse to honour the redemption of any Reward Points.

    • 7.2 Fraud or abuse concerning the Membership and/or privileges may be subject to appropriate administrative and/or legal action by the Program Operator.

    • 7.3 On the death of a person who is a Member the Membership will automatically terminate.

    • 7.4 The Program Operator reserves the right to terminate the Program at any time without assigning any reason or giving any prior notice.

    • 7.5 All Privileges, offers and rewards will be forfeited on termination of a Membership or on termination of the Program. The Program Operator will have no further liability to any Member on termination of the Member’s membership or termination of the Program.


    “Program Operator” means Mcat Box Office Sdn Bhd

    “Allstar” means a person who has been admitted by the Program Operator as a participant in the Program and is being recognised by the Program Operator as a participant for the time being

    “Participating Cinema” means the Cinemas designated by the Program Operator from time to time as 'Participating Cinemas' for the purpose of the Program. For a list of current Participating Cinemas please see www.mbocinemas.com

    “Program” means the StarClub Reward Program

    “StarPoints” means points earned as part of the Program that can be redeemed for a Free Movie Ticket and Concessionaries combo.

  • 9. Contact Us

    If you have any questions or queries, kindly contact us via


    Online ticketing at www.mbocinemas.com and MBO Cinemas Mobile App refund policy

    • 10.1 Tickets purchased are only for the particular cinema location, film, show time and show dates specified

    • 10.2 If there’s any disputes when purchasing in www.mbocinemas.com or MBO Cinemas Mobile App kindly contact our customer care via phone or email.

    • 10.3 Kindly provide your name, transaction date, contact details, cinema locations, show times and date, name of film and ALLSTAR card number (if applicable) when contacting customer care

    • 10.4 Refunds for tickets will not be provided after guest has viewed the entirety of the movie at any MBO Cinemas locations.

    • 10.5 Please note that service fees and/or convenience fees for online and MBO Cinemas Mobile App purchases are non-refundable. In no case will a movie ticket be refunded after a guest has viewed the entirety of the movie

    • 10.6 All your personal information will not be shared with any third parties. Any information collected through www.mbocinemas.com or MBO Cinemas Mobile App are intented to be used for this transaction only.